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Happy Labor Day...Laboring to Write

Well, it's September 6th, Labor Day! I'd hope to have a full draft of my third novel by now. Scenes have been swirling in my head, and I've written a few down. I know what the story is, but finding the time to write is difficult. Between my current W-2 position and my community engagement, I'm having trouble settling myself for the hours needed to write and be creative. The world is falling apart, divided by politics and all of the -isms that destroy our very humanity. It's such a cliche, but love is eternal. And right now, I find comfort in knowing that my readers and I can fall in love every day, holding on to the hope that love provides.

So.... I guess now that it's cuffing season, it's time to get to WORK so that by Valentine's Day 2022, you'll fall in love again...with Shay and Marcus.

Magnolias and blessings,


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